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The PSC Insurance Group operates with over 400 staff qualified to manage a broad range of insurance risk products and industries. With over $400m in premium on behalf of 60,000 plus clients across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom you can be sure the group will be around for a long time.

The PSC Group is a network of experienced insurance specialists who protect the needs of thousands of small to medium businesses across Australia and New Zealand. It’s reputation and that of their Authorised Representatives (AR) is second to none, due to their dedicated relationships with their clients and their connection to an international network of Insurer’s. Authorised Representatives manage their own compliance, administration and support services following the guidelines of PSC and NIBA, in addition, constantly update their skills / knowledge in training through the Steadfast Group.

By using appropriately configured insurance products we can assist in providing a safety net to help manage risks associated with sports participation. We are experts in implementing bespoke insurance programs encompassing the following products:
Personal Accident & Injury – covering players, members, volunteers, coaches, umpires, referees, directors, officers and administrators.

Public Liability & Professional Indemnity – covering the association its clubs, member’s administrators, coaches, officials and volunteers against actions taken alleging negligence resulting in injury or damage to property.
Professional Indemnity will respond where the insured becomes legally liable to pay for claims arising from negligent acts, errors or omissions.

Directors & Officers Liability – Protecting the Directors and Officers of the club, affiliation or association for any Wrongful Act committed in their respective capacities. Coverage also extends to include Association Liability and Investigative Representation Expenses.

Employment Practices Liability – Protecting the association, clubs and affiliations for claims arising out of Wrongful Acts relating to employment.

Fidelity – Protecting the association, clubs and affiliations for losses suffered as a result of theft or forgery by any identifiable employee (including volunteers) whilst in the regular service of the club, affiliation or association.

Contract Payment Insurance (professional athletes) – covering individual athletes or sporting organisations against financial loss due to permanent injury which ends the athletes career in the sport, or to protect against temporary disability preventing participation for a limited time only.

Event Contingency Insurance – tailored insurance products relating to the risks to which a sporting association may be exposed when holding events.

Other Insurance – Other insurance including property, travel, workers compensation, motor vehicle, superannuation and member’s equipment.

The owners, Shareholders and/or those that have provided investment finance expect a continuing income stream that will cover the financing costs, the cost of operating the business and an acceptable level of net profit to reward them for the business risk that they have taken, their entrepreneurial skill, a return on their assets, etc. The net profit and ongoing expenses including payroll, management and other staff bonuses and financing costs are all regarded as insurable gross income or gross profit depending on the policy, but whatever it is called, these expenses should be insured. Without it your business may simply go down the plug hole in the event of a loss.

Business interruption insurance is at its heart a policy of indemnity. This means that it is designed to put the insured back in the same position, as near as money will allow, to what they would have enjoyed but for the loss.
Typically following a fire or other insured peril occurring at a business premises, some form of interruption to the business occurs. This disruption results in a reduction in insurable gross profit.

Within the PSC Insurance group we have the expertise to conduct a detailed review based on our financial and extensive claims management experience where we have managed the disaster recovery aspects; prepared the claim documentation and financials; negotiated settlement for numerous major Business Interruption claims around the world.

PSC Insurance Brokers has many Authorised Representatives with specialty skills and experience like Graham Slater for the Martial Arts Industry Australia.

For more information about how we can assist you, please contact our Martial Arts Specialist
Authorised Representative Graham Slater through Martial Arts Australia
Phone: 03 8601 1124