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Aikido is a cutting edge Japanese military workmanship created by Morihei Ueshiba as a union of his military examinations, theory and religious convictions. Ueshiba's objective was to make a workmanship that professionals could use to guard themselves while likewise shielding their aggressor from damage. Aikido is regularly deciphered as "the method for binding together (with) life vitality" or as "the method for amicable soul".

Aikido's strategies include: irimi (entering), and tenkan (turning) developments (that divert the adversary's assault energy), different sorts of tosses and joint locks.

Aikido is a successful military craftsmanship for self protection, not just in light of the fact that it shows us how to guard against an assortment of assaults, but since it is likewise preparing our perspective and physical condition. Improved stance and breathing assistance us to fit better into our bodies; a positive perspective influences how we move on the planet and how we are seen by others. The capacity to keep up physical focus and mental quiet encourages us in gathering distressing circumstances or in settling struggle in an assortment of circumstances – in the dojo, in the city, at school, in a conference, or at home.

Most hand to hand fighting can enable us to improve physical things like equalization, timing, and response. One of the motivations behind continued preparing is to move these things from cognizant handling to programmed reflex. Aikido likewise encourages us build up our soul, feeling of prosperity, mindfulness and empathy. The multi-faceted way to deal with Aikido preparing makes us more grounded and progressively complete people, better ready to diffuse or protect against antagonistic circumstances.


If you are teaching Aikido you need an insurance policy that covers what you do and our martial arts insurance packages are specifically designed to cover all styles / disciplines.

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Martial Arts Insurance Services is a dedicated division of Martial Arts Australia for insurance brokering. It specialises in all types of insurance for martial arts clubs / schools, associations and promoters finding them the best deals as they become available.

Martial Arts Australia is a long serving (25 years) association that not only looks after the industry's professionalism, codes of conduct, qualifications, marketing and it's perception to government, the corporate sector and the public. 

In addition to these roles (without government funding) the provide an 'end to end' business solution for school owners, promoters and associations (non for profit & for profit).

Membership to Martial Arts Australia has always been a first choice for instructors / school owners especially if they are starting out or want to grow their club as a business. We highly recomend you investigate the benefits of membership and join the thousands of club owners that have.

Get access to Business Professional Packs (waiver forms, risk management / marketing operational manuals and much more.

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At last there is an industry REWARDS PROGRAM that actually gives you cash back and shopping points to purchase goods from thousands of stores.

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