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Travel Insurance For Martial Artists - Training / Competiting

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Travelling and Training or Competing around the globe just got a new safety net.

Now Individuals and School Owners can gain access to a very extensive TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY
suitable for instructors and competitors.



Most travel industry insurances state they cover martial artists but when you ask the key questions, you find out they don’t actual cover you, whilst you’re training and / or competing. There is absolutely no cover if you are a professional instructor / competitor. This new policy covers it all and is now available at very competitive rates.

Travel Insurance Companies are not experts in martial arts, so they don’t know how you train or the real risks associated with your style. As experts in both areas we know what you need and can arrange the product that we feel is the best in the industry.

What is not covered in most Travel Insurance Policies: Training and Competing activities are not generally covered however they are in policy we can arrange on your behalf. Income Protection is also often not included and this can be costly if you have time off work especially if you are stranded overseas.

The most confusing thing you can read on travel insurance websites is that they promote they cover martial arts, but, when further investigation is undertaken it's clear actual training (with partner drills / sparring) is not covered. Obviously, this doesn’t make sense, as there are grey areas in what should be very clear. This is not something you want to find out when you get injured and prompted me to find a product that does what it says. Competing whether a tournament or fight show can actually be covered although there are a couple of limitations when it comes to broken bones. 

We thought we would make it vary easy to decide on the best policy for those martial artists actually training and competing even as a professional can obtain insurance cover that means something. This policy covers students, instructors, promoters and their families whilst travelling interstate and overseas.

Ask us to send you a quote and the policy wording.

Martial Arts Insurance Services is a dedicated division of Martial Arts Australia for insurance brokering. It specialises in all types of insurance for martial arts clubs / schools, associations and promoters finding them the best deals as they become available.

Martial Arts Australia is a long serving (25 years) association that not only looks after the industry's professionalism, codes of conduct, qualifications, marketing and it's perception to government, the corporate sector and the public. 

In addition to these roles (without government funding) the provide an 'end to end' business solution for school owners, promoters and associations (non for profit & for profit).

Membership to Martial Arts Australia has always been a first choice for instructors / school owners especially if they are starting out or want to grow their club as a business. We highly recomend you investigate the benefits of membership and join the thousands of club owners that have.

Get access to Business Professional Packs (waiver forms, risk management / marketing operational manuals and much more.

Need help with Managing your books? Our friends at Diligence Bookkeeping can arrange a FREE CONSULTATION to show you how you can streamline your processes.

Instructor / Officiating Courses that tick all the boxes for skillsets / knowledge and compliance. The Australian Martial Arts Coaching System the Industry Leader.

At last there is an industry REWARDS PROGRAM that actually gives you cash back and shopping points to purchase goods from thousands of stores.

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