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As serious martial artists working with the ‘beyond technique’ phrase, we know it’s not just limited to martial arts training; it’s in everything we do. When I was first introduced to this term, I was relating it to things like – ‘how to remove fear when faced with an opponent, or how do I keep a clear head so I can remember my katas under pressure’. As I


An interview with Graham Slater that appeared in Blitz Magazine (this is not the exact published interview so please purchase a back issue of Blitz to read it Vol 23 No 6

1. The IMA's stated primary aim is to bring martial artists together to cross-train and share knowledge. What value would you place on this aspect of what the IMA does — what has it done for you personally as a martial


Shi Xing Jun  Blitz interview 5/5/09 - Interview with Shaolin Warrior Monk Shi Xing Jun Questions compiled by Graham Slater & Ben Stone (this is not the exact published version)

Shi Xing Jun 30th generation Shaolin Monk one of the head coaches at the Temple teaching over 10,000 students in both China and Taiwan . Find out more about BLITZ

Interesting note: Whilst Shi Jun was staying at his


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