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Hapkido Insurance for clubs that teach Hapkido -

Hapkido is a martial Korean art practiced throughout the globe. Characterised by joint locks, throws and vibrant kicking methods, it is unique among Korean martial arts (Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do) in its focus on deflecting an opponent's assaults rather than strong blockade.

Hapkido was intended as a manner of defending and overcoming a skillful attacker in many types of martial fighting. With origins in Aikijujitsu, Hapkido makes it one of the initial mixed martial arts, adding striking and punching to joint-locks, throws, and grappling. Unlike contemporary MMA practice, however, Hapkido provides the student with a strong basis in various types of defense, and roots that defense's approach in water, circle, and harmony values. This provides the student a strong structure to develop their skills so that when in real defense scenarios they are not caught off guard.

The vision of the training is to enable a martial artist to subdue an adversary quickly and make any attacker totally unable to cause damage. Since Hapkido provides complete control over a physical conflict and emphasizes accuracy over brute strength, the hapkidoist can locate any harm inflicted on an adversary and prevent unintended injury.

If you are teaching Hapkido you need an insurance policy that covers what you do and our martial arts insurance packages are specifically designed to cover all styles / disciplines.

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