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We have been helping martial arts instructors (from all styles) with insurance for over 15 years bringing down the prices and making sure the policy wording covers all the club’s activities and programs. It is by our years of experience, integrity, service and pricing that school owners feel confident they are in good hands. Instructors keep coming back because they know when things go wrong and they need to make a claim we are here to help them through the process. Insurance is one of the most important things to protect your business but instructors / school owners need to know the full picture. Very few instructors take the time to investigate what a policy really covers or doesn’t cover, they often assume it covers everything that they do. Take the time to dig deeper and ask the questions to find out what exclusions are. Make sure you have the right qualifications to meet the industry standards because that is what the Insurer goes by. They also look at what policies and procedures a school owner operates with so if you are unsure of what is required ask us.

When you need to get a brief overview of what type of insurance you need to cover your martial arts school operation just click on the video below and Graham Slater Insurance Expert will talk you through it.

Specialist sports insurance for martial arts school owners can look very similar on the surface but it is the responsibility of the policy holder to read the fine print to make sure he understands what he is covered for. Don’t make any assumptions ask the questions: is there an excess, are my instructors covered, are tournaments | fight shows | camps | special seminars | public demonstrations included, what’s the difference between professional indemnity and errors | omissions to mention a few. Are the answers clearly presented on your policy wording, probably not as each product is carefully written by the language of the insurer.

Graham Slater our Martial Arts (40 years) and Insurance (15 years) expert is authorised to discuss all your insurance needs. Getting the right cover to suit your operation is essential and obtaining the right price is just part of the deal. You can obtain insurance without being a member of any association providing you meet the industry standard for instructor qualifications. That said you will find that going through Martial Arts Australia will give you a better price on insurance through their sheer volume. You will also gain access to all the tools you would ever need to market and protect your business / school.

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