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Martial Arts Insurance can cover all styles. GET A QUOTE: 03 8601 1124 

You may have heard in the past that some disciplines have been left without cover such styles as Karate, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jutsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Even now most of the Insurers are restricting the percentage of each art creating many grey areas in the cover. Sounds confusing and hard to work out? Well it doesn’t have to be, just gives us a call and we can help you.

Why get your insurance through us?

    • Best price and policy wording in the industry
    • Experts in both martial arts and insurance have put the program together
    • In the unlikely event you need to make a claim we are here to help you through that process
    • We can explain exactly what you are covered for (activities/styles/locations – How!)
    • We give you material / advice on how to minimize the chance of an incident
    • You will be helping to further expand a group scheme to keep bringing prices down
    • You will be supporting the martial arts industry

Types of Insurance available through our network: Public Liability, Professional indemnity, Management Liability, Player Accident / Personal Accident, Income Protection, Business Insurance, Life, Total Permanent Disability -
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Many Insurers simply don’t know what each style teaches so they may discriminate down to a technique and or the amount of contact that is being applied. The worst fear for instructors is to find out at the time of a claim that the insurance does cover their particular claim. Fortunately a few Insurers are being educated into what is actually taught at schools these days, mainly thanks to the work of Martial Arts Australia (MAA) over the past 15 years.

By becoming ASIC licensed Authorised Representatives MAA are perfectly positioned to educate the insurance companies. They are also working with instructors to help make training safer and less of a risk to Insurers. They have also helped make sure all aspects of a martial arts school are covered and that the operating risk is rated appropriately. On the other hand they have educating instructors as to how the insurance actually works and what they are and are not covered for. There are many types of insurance a school owner can take out and it is a fine balance between being over or under insured depending on one’s budget and their exposure.

It would be safe to say at the moment the higher risk styles are on probation in the eyes of the Insurers so they need to keep their classes safe, train staff / instructors appropriately to follow the right teaching methods

Mixed Martial Arts MMA is the topic of the decade we could say as it is making a massive impact on the industry with views on both sides of the fence, (good and bad for the industry). Some of the public and Insurers think that MMA is a style to itself, when the reality is we in the industry deem it a combat sport. Its focus for many via its marketing is on competitive combat becoming more of a brand. Participants select the individual arts they feel they need to be successful in the ring / cage such as a striking art from Muay Thai / Karate with Boxing to specialise in hand techniques and then add a grappling or specific ground art such as BJJ / Judo / Wrestling / Sambo to complete their arsenal of weapons.

There is no restriction on what athletes bring to the ring / cage as they may come from a Taekwondo / Kung Fu background and simply add grappling if they think that will work for them. What is not mentioned is around 90% of people training in MMA are doing it for the fitness / self defence aspect rather than getting for the ring / cage. It is seen as a superb way of getting super fit for everyone with an especially high rate of corporate professionals participating.

Martial Arts Australia has been at the forefront of training / education for instructors helping them obtain the right coaching / fitness courses to be deemed qualified to teach in the industry. Membership amongst other things, entitles school owners to get access to vital business documents / risk management policy manuals that help instructors run their schools more professionally, safely and more profitably.



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